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Writer. Editor. Photographer. Strategist. As a communications professional for more than 15 years, I have helped Fortune 500 companies create and promote their messages to employees and the public at large. Here's a summary of my background:

  • Help employers and clients build an effective overall communications plan that reflects and promotes their role in their marketplace.
  • Reach out to a designated readership through a range of communications. This includes employee newsletters, press releases, Web site copy, RFPs, awards submissions and advertising copy.
  • Help project and protect companies' image and branding in the marketplace.

Diverse Industry Experience

I have provided services in Human Resources, Public Relations and Publications departments within these industries:

  • Gaming/hospitality
  • State and local government outsourcing
  • Print and broadcast media
  • Aerospace
  • Non-profit/philanthropic

Interview Q&A

There's much more to any business than its Web site and services offered. Business starts with the people behind the scenes. Click here to learn more about me, my background, philosophy and interests.

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